1972                     BA in Geography, Free University of Amsterdam.

1984                     MA in European Prehistory, Leiden University.

1994                     Ph.D in Near Eastern Archaeology, Leiden University.                           Dissertation: `Jerusalem in the Bronze and Iron Ages; the Excavations of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem, 1961-1967.’


– Final publications of Kenyon’s excavations in Jerusalem (Steiner 2001, Franken & Steiner 1990).

– Final publications of the excavations of Tell Abu Sarbut in Jordan 1988-92 (Steiner and Van der Steen 2008).

– Studies on the Iron Age pottery of Jerusalem and Moab (Steiner 2001, 2009), the economic structure of ancient states (Steiner 2002, 2008) and on ancient Moab (Daviau & Steiner 2000, Chatwick, Daviau & Steiner 2000, Daviau et al., 2006, Steiner 2009, 2013).

– Final publication of the Iron Age pottery of Khirbat al-Lehun in Moab with a grant of the White-Levy Fund (Steiner 2006, 2015).

– Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies (JEMAHS).

– Co-director of the the Renewed Excavations of Tell Abu Sarbut (see Tell Abu Sarbut)

Selected publications


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